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The Goldfinch Protocol's smart contracts are controlled by the Governance multi-sig wallet (address 0xBEb28978B2c755155f20fd3d09Cb37e300A6981f), with the exception of deployments of the Borrower contract, which are controlled by the borrower for whom each was created.

The Governance multi-sig wallet is configured such that at least 6 out of 10 account signatures are necessary to sign a wallet transaction. Each of the Governance multi-sig wallet's 10 accounts is controlled by a different person.

The administrative actions available to Governance on the Protocol's smart contracts are identifiable as those whose successful execution requires the caller to have the OWNER_ROLE, or another role (e.g. PAUSER_ROLE) which was previously assigned to the Governance wallet address. This is typically accomplished using a function modifier (e.g. onlyAdmin for requiring the OWNER_ROLE).