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Smart Contracts Overview

The Goldfinch Protocol's smart contracts are organized into three main categories: Core, Periphery, and GFI Distribution.


Core Source Code

The core consists of smart contracts that contain the fundamental logic of the Goldfinch Protocol. The Senior Pool, Borrower Pools, UID -- this is where the behavior of these components is defined.


Periphery Source Code

The periphery consists of smart contracts that facilitate usage or development of the Goldfinch Protocol, but that are in some sense non-essential for its operation. A primary example of this is the Borrower contract, which provides a convenient way for borrowers to interact with their Borrower Pools, but which is not strictly required for successful interaction.

GFI Distribution

GFI Distribution Source Code

This category organizes the logic that manages how GFI are disbursed to participants of the Goldfinch Protocol.


This category contains contracts that are no longer used by the Protocol, but are provided for completeness.